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Perfect Day Surf Camp is sponsored by Quiksilver and Roxy and located in Southern California’s beautiful Redondo Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Manhattan and Torrance.

Robbie Yrigoyen, founded Perfect Day Surf Camp in 2001. The summer program offers surf & beach camps for toddlers, teens and adults ages 3-17, private and group surf lessons and stand up paddle board lessons (SUP). We also do annual non-profit events with professional surfers for Cystic Fibrosis Survivors, inner city kids & battered women. We cater to all surfing levels offering a variety of soft surf boards and 5:1 surfers to instructor ratio in the water at all times and a 1:1 ratio for our beginner swimmers. Surf Staff is CPR/First Aid Certified instructors. Experienced surfers will surf all day and learn basic tricks & maneuevers to help them progress to that next level which they can apply in contests or free style fun. Beginner surfers will get one on one surf lessons if initially intimidated, but once they learn the basics of surfing and understand that it is a sandy beach bottom, safe environment; their fears are put to rest. Our surf camps and beach camps educate our young ones on how to first understand the ocean & its waves, then boogie board and eventually surf. This progression will keep your child from being fearful of the ocean which is very common when they are put into camps with higher swimming levels & older children. Once they get spooked it is very difficult to get them back in, so play it safe. Baby steps.

Our Summer Programs goal is to get each surfer up riding waves and understanding them, so we spend most of the time in the water and discuss ocean safety, surf etiquette, oceanography and coastal ecology. We allow each surfer to go at their own pace while the instructors stay close to encourage them using motivational techniques and guide them into the waves. When the ocean is not safe to enter, we provide a variety of beach activities that the instructors encourage all kids to participate in.


What makes us different?
*We have been operating surf camps and surf lessons since 2001
*We are certified instructors
*We are permitted by the city and County of LA
*We are fully insured to operate surf lessons and surf camps
*We have the lowest ratio on the beach with the lowest prices
*We are sponsored by Quiksilver & Roxy (World leading in Surf Industry)
*We are also sponsored by VitaminWater, POPChips, Elements Sunscreen & Reed’s Ginger
*The managers running the camps are mature adults and all Lifeguard, CPR Certified/First Aid/AED
*Our beach camps & surf camps are side by side conveniently making it a one stop drop off location for all your children
*Scheduling is flexible to meet your needs
*The instructors are professionally trained & experienced surfers & watermen
*All equipment & wetsuits are provided
*We have returning loyal instructors and counselors
*We have a high return rate
*Camps are customized to parents requests from our annual surveys

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  1. 964 Palisades Beach Rd, Santa Monica, 90403
  2. +1 310 985 1458

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